09/07/2015 09:34

Being sick is horrible thing. You do not want to get sick because that means you have a bad immune system.  If you have a bad immune system then you need to change your ways of living. There is obviously something wrong with your body. Whenever you are getting sick a lot of you are getitng bad skin rashes or acne, there is a big problem with your body. You should catch on to this because getting the sickness is not a good thing. You could be out of commission for a while, why not just change up your diet so that your immune system gets better again.  I had one patient one time come and ask me why he was getting frequently sick and I ask him his diet and I never heard this crazy diet before. Aparently he was doing the GOMAD diet which is a diet where you drink a gallon of milk a day.  That is pure craziness which made the reason of why he was getting sick everyday.

Do not do these crazy diets because your body can't live without certain nutrients and vitamins. You should go to a food alergy test and see what foods you are alergic to because whatever your eating your body could be reacting to it. The horrible thing is that people may think they wont be allergic to a food because it is healthy but what they don't know is that there bodies may think its a foreign object and try and send antibodies to fight it.

This could be the reason why you would become fatigued and tired. So if you are becoming tired ater eating certain foods then you may be allergic to what you are eating. Try going on a all vegetable and fruit diet and you will feel so much better after 4 days of only eating these as opposed to your normal junk food. Your normal junk food is making your fatigued and extremely tired because the horrible chemicals in them are killing off your body. Your body is woring so hard to fight these chemicals off. Treat your body with respect and a lot better then you are treating it because your body will treat your mind even worse.  


We call it karma. 


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